Shortcut to Rapid Meditation States
Technologically-Enhanced Multi-Modal Stimulation
Lux=Light / Re=Again / ium=Suffix for Places and Elements
(ReLuxium = Place for finding your Inner Light, again)

Combining both the stimulation and relaxation of your brain/heart/sensory centres allow one to enter a state of 'stimulaxation', a state of EXTENDED consciousness (hypofrontality) that temporarily decreases and interrupts the normal way you think, giving the frontal lobes of your cerebral cortex a needed rest from the incessant stressful thinking and allowing the creative elements of your brain and heart to naturally take over.

We don't need to take another image of an EEG or CT scan of another meditating monk to fully support what happens to the human brain, heart and sensory system when it is synchronised and you reach silent spaces where deep inner knowledge emerges. And, you don't have to sit for years in a cold monastery to obtain the same results.

We've built a shortcut, combining Rapid Meditation Induction Technologies into a single, immersive environment, which quietly opens inner access to the questions about yourself.

Brainwave / Sensory / Heart Center stimulaxation invites you to experience:

  • New ways of observing the elements of your life, beyond psychology, beyond religion.
  • Naturally producing your own neurotransmitters, stimulating your own internal pharmacy of (Endorphins, Serotonin, Dopamine Melanin, Oxytocin, DMT).
  • Finding your own inner wisdom, to know it, again.
  • The escape all of the noise of centuries of "authorities" telling you who you are.
  • The rapid, inner growth from this type of experience.

Rediscover the place of light within. Re Lux ium.
Synchronise with the oldest wisdom, already within you.

The Shortcut to Higher Consciousness - ReLuxium

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